Welcome to Intimate Love

Sexuality dozes in all of us..You just need to know how to wake IT up ... or stimulate!!!


Our goal is to

Help people who have problems with giving and getting pleasure.
Help you improve your sex life. Show you the right way and get you back on truck


Are you shy..?

Are you in a relationship but you don’t know how to please your partner? Did you forget how it is to experience pleasure? Or maybe ‘VIRGIN’ is the word which still defines you?

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Start getting pleasure from being in your bedroom and beyond it...


We offer workshops for:

Singles, Couples and People without experiences

Singles, those who experienced love but do not know how to use it

Couples, those who have forgotten how to make love or do not know how to make it running and their bedroom is called ‘boredom’

Virgins, with lack of experience


We will help You

Come to the workshop and discover in yourself a 'wild desires'

We won’t read and books to You... We won’t present any movies on DVD... We won’t convince You, that everything You need is to buy and on-line course... We will help you to explore the secrets of intimacy!!! Come to the workshop and discover in yourself a 'wild desires'. Do not say you cannot do something... Just open up to your partner and understand his needs!!!
We will help You to do it!!!

"Life with love"

You are welcome whatever walk of life you come from.

There are workshops suitable for everyone together and also some designed specifically for couples, ranging from short 1-day courses to intensive 2-day trainings. You are welcome whatever walk of life you come from. The organisation has been developed over a period of 2+ years and is an alchemy of personal experience and trainings. The work is inspired and informed from many different traditions and cultures from across the globe
We focus on: getting to know your own needs, learning partner's needs, getting to know your own body, getting to know your partner's body, intimacy and sexuality.